What supports are available to children with disabilities?

Early childhood intervention services work with mainstream children’s services (childcare centres, preschools, family day care and occasional care centres), as well as other community organisations, to support the inclusion of children with disabilities and/or developmental delays.

In developing an IFSP (Individualised Family Service Plan), families, early childhood intervention services and mainstream children’s services work together to meet the child and family needs.

This may include consultation and/or visits to the mainstream children’s service or community organisation by early childhood intervention specialists to provide information and ideas for including the child.

Some children may require extra support to maximise their inclusion in the mainstream children’s service. For those children funding is available through:

Inclusion Support helps child care services to include children with additional needs in child care.

Intervention Support Program (Young Children with Disabilities) provides supplementary support towards the cost of delivery of educational services for children with disabilities. This programme supports learning and educational development opportunities for children with disabilities who are below school age to prepare them for inclusion into regular preschools and schools.

The Intervention Support Program (ISP) is available for a range of education providers across NSW including long day care and early childhood intervention services. However, for community-based preschools, the Preschool Disability Support Program (PDSP) replaces the ISP. Community-based preschools can no longer apply for ISP funding. For all other early childhood education services ISP eligibility, application requirements, and child-based funding remains the same.

Preschool Disability Support Program (PDSP) supports the inclusion of children with disability in NSW community preschools.

This new program includes targeted funding for individual children and a new universal disability loading that will be provided to all community preschools, based on the total number of children included in the Community Preschool Funding Model.

The PDSP replaces the Supporting Children with Additional Needs (SCAN) Program and Intervention Support Program (ISP) for community preschools.