What support is available?

Early Childhood Intervention Services work with the family to:

  • help the family to achieve their goals and hopes for their child
  • support their child to further develop skills and abilities to participate in and enjoy daily life
  • extend the experiences which the family can provide to support their child's growth and development
  • support their child to participate and be included in family and community life.

Early Childhood Intervention services can include:

  • information
  • assessment
  • specialised early intervention support including therapy and special education
  • an individual program to help the child
  • support to access and participate in child care, preschool, other child and family services and the broader community
  • prescription of equipment
  • parent education programs
  • planning and coordination of services
  • support to transition to the next educational setting including school.

Preschool Disability Support Program

Preschool Disability Support Program (PDSP) supports the inclusion of children with disability in NSW community preschools.

This new program includes targeted funding for individual children and a new universal disability loading that will be provided to all community preschools, based on the total number of children included in the Community Preschool Funding Model.

The PDSP replaces the Supporting Children with Additional Needs Program and Intervention Support Program for community preschools.

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