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NDIS Resources for Services Providers 

The following a collection of key resources for ECI Service Providers in NSW.

NDIS Provider Toolkit

The provider toolkit sets out the typical steps and processes that a provider must undertake to become a registered NDIS provider and supply services to NDIS participants. The Toolkit was updated in November 2017 as an accessible online resource which contains interactive eLearning activities to help providers, and potential providers, test their understanding of key concepts and assess whether they are ready to register and work with the NDIS.

 to access the Provider Toolkit.

Provider Readiness Toolkit

The Provider Readiness Toolkit (the Toolkit) has been developed by National Disability Services to support organisations intending to become a registered service provider of the NDIS.

The Toolkit is a set of self-assessment exercises that focus on business practice required under the NDIS. The exercises are structured around seven domains: 

  • Strategy
  • Corporate governance
  • Clients and market focus
  • Financial sustainability
  • People and capability
  • Information and knowledge management
  • Safeguarding quality management and improvement

 to access the Provider Readiness Toolkit.

NDIS Business Process Guide

NDIS Business Process Guide was developed by National Disability Services (NDS) to assist leadership teams to determine their required business processes for operating in the National Disability Insurance Scheme business environment. It was designed to be used in a workshop and it includes:

  • Workshop outline
  • Decision-tracking and action planning tool

Draft policies, all in accessible formats:

  • NDIS and Conflict of Interest policy
  • Debt management policy
  • Cancellations and no-shows policy
  • NDIS business process policy

 to get started with the NDIS Business Process Guide.

NDIS Operational Guidelines

  • Access to the NDIS
  • Planning
  • Including specific types of supports in plans
  • Specialist Disability Accommodation
  • Child Representatives
  • Nominees
  • Registered Providers
  • Compensation
  • Information Handling
  • Review of decisions

 to access the NDIS Operational Guidelines. 

NDIS Price Guide

The NDIA sets prices for supports included in participant plans.  to access the latest NDIS Price Guide.

Principles to determine the responsibilities of the NDIS and other service systems (Applied Principles)

The Council of Australian Governments have published a document setting out the principles for determining the responsibilities of the NDIS and other service systems such as:

  • Health
  • Mental health
  • Early childhood development
  • Child protection and family support
  • School education
  • Higher education and Vocational Education and Training (VET)
  • Employment
  • Housing and community infrastructure
  • Transport
  • Justice
  • Aged care

 to download a copy of the Applied Principles.


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