How do I find early childhood intervention services in NSW?

Parent Line

For the cost of a local phone call, the NSW Parent Line (which incorporates the Early Childhood Intervention Infoline) can provide information about a range of services for young children & their families in NSW, including those seeking early childhood intervention. Ph. 1300 1300 52

Specialist early childhood intervention services
Specialist early childhood intervention services provide support to children with a wide range of disabilities, but some may focus only on specific types of disability. Most services are offered by local, community-based, non-government organisations (NGOs), but some are provided by larger statewide organisations.

Local specialist early childhood intervention (ECI) services

Local specialist ECI services generally offer support to families of children with a broad range of disabilities and provide services within a particular geographical area.

Here is a list of local early childhood intervention NGO service providers:

ECI Services (sorted by location)

If there isn’t an ECI service in your immediate area, contact the ECI service nearest to you.They should be able to give you details of the supports available in your area.

ECI statewide organisations

Here is a list of statewide organisations that offer specialist early childhood intervention services.

ECI statewide organisations

To view other organisations and services available see Links.